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Self love journal

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How manifestation journaling works 

Are you ready stop hoping and start manifesting?

Do you wish there was an easier way to make the Law of Attraction work for you?

If so, manifestation journaling with The Journal can help.

Journaling is a great way to manifest your desires, as it helps you tap into powerful manifestation techniques on a daily basis, such as:

  • Being the vibrational match for what you seek to attract
  • Thinking, feeling and acting as if your desires are already a reality
  • Taking intentional actions to attract your desires
  • Getting into alignment with the universe
  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind

The Journal's highly effective daily writing prompts make manifesting easier.

In just minutes per day, you will radically transform your mindset, get in alignment with the universe and raise your vibrational energy to manifest the life you desire and deserve.

By following these morning and evening writing prompts in Your Journal, there's no time spent staring at a blank journal page, wondering what you should write about to manifest your desires.

These proven manifestation journaling prompts help thousands of people just like you start each day feeling more focused, happier than ever and unstoppable on their journeys to manifest the biggest goals.

Essentially, The Journal puts the Law of Attraction into action through writing prompts like the below:

Your burning desire statement:

The Journal will guide you through the process of creating your burning desire statement. Think of this statement as your declaration to the universe of what you intend to manifest. Your burning desire statement will help you start each day with intention and tap into a high vibrational energy to attract this desire into your life.

What intentional actions will you take today to attract it?

By writing down three aligned actions you'll take that day to manifest your burning desire, you'll start your day with intention and create a powerful sense of accountability. As Gandhi once said, "Your future depends on what you do today." Declaring the three actions you'll take that day helps you honor your commitment to making your dream a reality.

How will you feel while making these conscious efforts?

Because the universe responds to our vibrational energy, you must tap into the feelings you'll create by taking these intentional actions throughout the day.


"I AM. Two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality." This quote from Bevan Lee beautifully explains the power of our I AM affirmations. The I AM Journal guides you through a powerful process to help you shape your I AM affirmations.

What three things are you grateful for today?

If you desire to attract more of anything in your life, you must be grateful for what is already yours. By tapping into this feeling of gratitude on a daily basis, you'll raise your vibrational energy to such a joyous state that you become a magnet for what you want to attract. 

How did you serve the universe today?

Your relationship with the universe cannot be one-sided. If you expect it to deliver an abundance of gifts into your life, you must also give back. The I AM Journal helps you be more conscious of how you are serving others and our world, which raises your vibrational energy and allows you to receive more in return from the universe.