What Our Clients Say About Us

Hello Queen, we are so appreciative of how much love and light was put into our divine gift. We have used everything and we will for sure reach out to you when we are ready for another. Gifts for the spirit , it was timely and divine for us to have thank you so much ! Bella!

I purchased a basket. I was soooo pleasedšŸ–¤ Iā€™m in love with my chakra soap. It make me feel balanced and peaceful. I also burned my black candle. Business is booming for me I can hardly keep up.
Thank you

I purchase a protection/prosperity box and a small bag it was beautifullll I felt the energy through the bag I loveeee how my incenses came with their own personal incense holder ! I loveeee the smell of my dragon blood also.

i have gotten 2 healing bags and a beginners bowl from Bellas Bayou and Blessings and i met her and her energy and smile has stuck w me since. very humble person who knows what her products provide . all the things ive received have moved me each time . the presentation is always neat and has great energy and im so thankful for these blessingsĀ Ā love you Bella peace and blessings to you .